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Your Radio Sursangam is Calgary’s oldest and most popular 24 hours South Asian radio station. At Radio Sursangam we adopt a simple and organized approach to presenting content so that you can enjoy what you want. Our content includes: news, talks shows, discussions, interviews music, gurbani, live shows, etc.


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Program : Diva Bale Sari Raat
Timings : 00:00:00 - 03:59:00
Presenter : Vivek Bhanot

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Program : Nitnem-Gurbani
Timings : 04:00:00 - 07:59:00
Presenter : Various

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Program : Sajri Saver
Timings : 08:00:00 - 09:59:00
Presenter : Manjit Kaur Pannu



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This one is amazing Radio. I mean really, really, really amazing. Like super incredible, having amazing stuff.

Inderjeet Singh
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